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Protect & Preserve

My father Igor Germanavitch Askaroff was a keen collector. While I was still young and keen he installed in me the principles of Protect & Preserve.

As with coins, stamps and most collectibles protecting the original patina and history of a machine is all important. It is the essential difference between a rebuilt, reconstructed machine from many parts, and a unique piece of living history.

The patina, the wear and tear, the stains, shades and use, all contribute to an original machine. It is our job to preserve this unique fingerprint at all costs. The biggest mistake a new collector makes is to over clean a machine and remove its history. They destroy the very essence of the machine, its character and also its value.

The difference between a stitch perfect original machine and a re-built, re-worked manufactured machine can only be seen if this original patina is protected. There is a market for new, bright and shiny but it is not with the enthusiasts who collect originality at all costs. These low value duplicates, over cleaned and over worked machines are commonplace in the market today. Nothing devalues a collectible item quicker than over cleaning. It also removes the authenticity of the item.

My father made me see that to protect and preserve you bring the machine to its best stitch whilst leaving as much of its unique character, story, history and patina intact.

With all our machines we give you this guarantee. We will preserve and protect each machine for future generations to enjoy. We will never knowingly over clean or over work an antique machine. We will keep as much of its original character as possible.

We will protect and preserve.

      Alex Askaroff