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Alex Askaroff


Alex writes the ‘Sewing Machine Pioneer Series’ and the ‘On The Road Series’ for Amazon. He also runs Sewalot, the No1 site for antique sewing machine history.

Tom Askaroff


While spending most of his life in the music industry, Tom has also learnt the family business and is now working with Alex to bring you Vintage Sewing Machines UK.

It Runs In The Family

Sewing runs in the blood. On my mother’s side, sewing machines and sewing shops go back to the Victorian Era with the Kent based Medway Sewing Machines. On my father’s side it took a little longer. Originally watchmakers to the King in the 1820s the family eventually turned to sewing. By the 1930s my great grandmother was an haute couture, high fashion seamstress. With my grandmother, they had their first sewing shop in Vienna in 1946.

By the 1950s my family had started a sewing factory in Eastbourne. For the next four decades it grew into the largest of its kind in Europe. Some of my earliest memories were taking sewing machines apart for my father, to earn pocket money. Standing on an old sewing machine box I would spend hours working away getting spare parts for other machines.

Today, Vintage Sewing machines UK are the premier antique sewing machine suppliers. When you buy from us you buy the best. We still oversees the servicing and restoring of special machines. As well as writing 35 books on the subject (with 11 No1 New releases), the Sewalot Collection has become famous worldwide. It contains some of the finest sewing machines ever made.

Our sister site, is the centre of sewing machine history for the early sewing machines and their pioneers.

When you buy from us you buy the best. We are the Park Lane Bentley dealers of the antique sewing machine world. You not only get the ideal antique sewing machine that you want, but you get the back up too.

As the seventh generation in the sewing business, at Vintage Sewing Machines UK we will always strive to offer the best service possible.

The sewalot collection

Being in the sewing business generation after generation our Sewalot Collection transcends time. Here we are holding two Scottish Singers both bought new by the family, one in 1908 and the other in 1930. They are cherished machines that in time will be passed on to the next generation in the business.



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